The favourites of upcoming model Bossba Camara

‘Black is beautiful! If you are looking for somebody who fits this description, you should definitely pay attention to Bossba (Baboucarr) Camara. Bossba was born in Gambia, also known as the smiling coast of West Africa. In 2014 he moved to Zaandam in the Netherland. His dream is to become an international fashion model. Curious about Bossba’s favourites? Just keep on reading !

What is your favourite dish?
That would be the Gambian cuisine, especially super kanja which is some kind of soup. Next to do that I also love Suriname nasi with chicken.

What is your favourite drink?
Fresh orange juice

What is your most precious memory?
Spending the last moments with my late mom

What is your biggest aspiration?
I want to become a big role model for people who feel insecure about themselves. Especially dark skinned men and women who want to become successful in the fashion model industry and in the movie world.

What is your number 1 holiday destination?

My favourite animal is..
…a tiger

In my free time I love to…
work out in the gym and read books

Who are your favorite fashion designers?
B proud design and Kwame Koranteng

What do you like to watch on tv?
Prison Break

What are the most imortant persons in your life?
My mom, my sister and my girlfriend

Who are your favourite music artists?
Usher , ST Da Gambian Dream and Gambian rapper Gee

If I get the chance I would love to meet..
Barack Obama and king Willem Alexander

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