The favourites of musician Jahna Sebastian

How would you describe yourself with three words?

Universal Teacher Musician

What is your favourite food?
Mango, berries, fish, Russian pancakes, sushi and Indian vegetarian curry

Who are you favourite music artists or singers?
Bob Marley, Whitney Houston and Prince

Who or what is your biggest source of inspiration?
My purpose to bring knowledge to the world through music and all forms of art to help humanity enter the new time and elevate the energy through breath of life. My goal is to help people all around the world get to the next level in history, that I call the Golden Age and this is what drives me to master my craft.

What is your favourite country and why?
I am the person of the world and I am here to create a better environment in many different countries, to uplift and find the strengths in them. I have a few favourite places in different countries and they are spiritual.

What is your favourite quote?
My great grandmother said:’Knowledge is Power’ and so I live up to it, I also incorporated that into my song ‘The Throne’

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
Reading books and watching documentaries, spending time in nature, in the parks and on the sea side if nearby,

What is your favourite book?
I have many favourite literary works by various authors, many of them are Russian. The main book for me is the one I am working on right now, the Musical Book of our times and every one of my albums is like a chapter in this book. This is the new book of life.

What would you do if you won
one million dollar?
Create more opportunities for many people to take their talents further, invest into my projects as they all allow that too and help make the world a better place through the movement and donate a part of the money to those in need, that includes helping them on their spiritual journey in a very holistic way.

What is your favourite animal?
Bird, especially phoenix

What is your favourite TV program or movie?
The Matrix

What is your favourite memory of childhood?
Spending time with my great grandmother talking, growing fruit and vegetables in the garden

What is your favourite colour?

What is you favourite place to shop?
Music Technology stores

What is your favourite outfit you have?
T shirts with my album covers printed on them, ‘The Alchemist’ and ‘Legends On The Map’, also boots named after me ‘Jahna Sebastian’ by Dianouch

Favourite way to cheer you up?
Flowers, chocolate and some good music

Favourite thing to look forward to?
Golden Age of humanity for many thousands of years to come

Favourite way to relax?
Jacuzzi, massage, herbal tea and watching a movie in fantasy genre

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