Introducing Jahna Sebastian

Jahna Sebastian is a singer, songwriter, producer, music engineer, musician, presenter, visionary who was classically trained on piano and earned her degree in “Music Business” at the age of 20 at the prestigious Russian Academy of Music. Jahna Sebastian is a multifaceted power house of talent. With her sultry vocals, captivating lyrics, hypnotic beats and exotic beauty she is a force to be reckoned with. She is an amazing singer and songwriter, an accomplished producer and engineer as well as the owner of a recording studio, Multivizion Music which since its inception has become the nucleus of Russian rap and grime scene in London.

Classically trained on piano while earning her Degree in “Music Business” a year earlier from the five year program at the age of 20, at the prestigious Russian Academy of Music, she had also learned to read music at the age of 7 when she played domra in children’s orchestra for 8 years.

She writes, produces, performs, engineers, mixes her own music doing it all from programming instruments to editing. Jahna Sebastian released two solo albums in eight months, ‘The Alchemist’ (2017) and ‘Legends On The Map’ (2018) all written, recorded, produced, arranged, performed and mixed by herself. In 2017 she launched Alchemist TV, a platform that brings music, art, fashion, philosophy and other forms of art. The purpose is to change culture to unite people from all around the world and bring forward the true purpose of what Art can have in our times.

Ms. Sebastian is a highly sought after producer who has produced, written, and engineered for many artists including top Russian rapper Oxxxymiron. Her movement is strong and is growing every day. Her aim is bringing people together. Her album is the foundation for many projects and stories to come.

Multivizion Music studio is the cultural centre, where new ideas are created. Alchemist TV showcases many sides of her creative journey with the artists, designers, musicians, photographers and many others she is working with. It’s an international movement that is transforming culture.

Ms. Sebastian’s goal has always been to motivate, inspire and encourage people around the world to not limit themselves. Ms. Sebastian does everything herself.

Jahna Sebastian is working tightly with many designers in the fashion industry and created a new format which she calls ‘Poetic Fashion Story’ where she writes poetry accompanying pictures in the photo shoots she does. She has collaborated with designers like Glass Reign as a brand ambassador, APA London, Venera Tabakin, Katherine Elizabeth, HellavaGIRL, Valdenize Soures and others mixing different forms of media in her presentations. Jahna Sebastian has overcome many adversities victoriously and keeping her head up, she came to UK with one suitcase and created a movement, started everything all by herself and became British Citizen. Jahna Sebastian has a daughter Nicole, 10. She is an independent woman who truly is working hard to help the world and inspire.

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