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Hey my DreamTeam! Welcome to my music video fundraiser. I need your help with a unique Music video project that will combine different technologies (some of you know I am a tech girl :-)) We will use technologies like VR and animation and you can become producer by donating.

You may know me of my single summer vibe –
– or on all streaming platforms:

I decided to fully go for my music journey when I got a health scare in January of this year. I was bit by mosquito carrying the disease called Dengue, it is similar to Malaria but without any medicine for it. I ended up in the hospital. Thats how my first month of 2020 started.

But the blessing that I got from it was that I could think about was making music. A dream I had been postponing since I was a little girl. So even though I was still weak I decided to record my first music video I’m Still in Love –

And just days after recording that music video there was a 3 month lockdown due to covid-19. So I used that time to keep developing myself as an artist. And picking up on the lost time of me postponing my music journey.

What you will get when you donate for this special tech music video project:
1. When you donate you become a co-producer which means, you will end up in the credits of the music video with the name you use to donate.
2. You will get free access to an exclusive online concert that will only be giving for people who donate.
3. You will get early access to the unreleased song for which this music video will be made.
4. Highest donations will be able to get a special song request from me, meaning I’ll sing a Cover song of your choice for you or a loved one.
5. As a bonus I will do a surprise merchandise Give away under my donators!

!!If you can’t donate you can still help by sharing this video with everyone!! 😀

Thank you for being part of my dreamteam

For donations, please visit: Inzamelingsactie van Sentini Grunberg : Make My Innovative Tech Music Video Possible! (

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